Agenda Gotsch

Harvests around a tree

Are you tired of weeding around your trees? In this week’s video, we show you how to transform a useless area into a productive and beneficial vegetable bed.

In almost all backyards we see, the space around a tree is usually exposed to direct sunlight, without any vegetation to protect the soil. In Syntropic Farming we learn that “exposed soil is like an open wound”, so our approach is a bit different. Instead of keeping the area “clean”, we sow as many plants as possible. The are several advantages in doing that:

All that combined results in fertile and good soil. Give it a try, 🙂

Felipe Pasini


  • Belas idéias para quem já tem árvores em seu terreno e não sabe como incorporá-las aos sistemas sintrópicos! Que o Grande Pai continue iluminando o caminho de vocês!