Agenda Gotsch

Agenda Gotsch Collection

We have hundreds of hours of Ernst Götsch’s unpublished material. Our limitation has always been the expensive and time-consuming process of editing. But now, thanks to our subscriber’s support, we can slowly revisit these files and share them here with you.

Since the videos in this series are longer than usual, we need help with translations. If you speak Portuguese plus other language and have some time available to do that, please get in touch or send it in text to . We will be more than happy to include the caption right away.

“Humans lost their natural habitat” – we lost our original steppe and are wasting opportunities to find a new niche in the forest ecosystem.

“Sustainable or just bearable farming?” – Reflections on ancient systems, such as corn with beans in Costa Rica, rice in Indonesia, grains and pasture in Europe, buffaloes between bananas, etc.