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Why eucalyptus plantations burn and how to avoid it (VIDEO)

In this week’s video, we go deeper into a recurring subject: eucalyptus. This time, we talk about the dynamics of natural forest clearings, thermodynamics and a little of Viktor Schauberger’s work. The combination of all that assists us to understand some of Ernst Götsch’s Syntropic designs.

Links to cited reports here and here.

Felipe Pasini


    • Postei e saí correndo, rsrs. Imagine se houvesse uma lei de incentivo a plantar eucalipto apenas em sistemas estratificados? Não estaríamos discutindo incêndios, mudanças climáticas…. Haveria florestas para todo lado, com espaço para nossas fruteiras, madeireiras e até animais.

      Obrigado Denis pelo carinho e pela audiência cativa de sempre 🙂

      Grande abraço e espero vê-lo em agosto em Marinha Grande

  • Hello Felipe and Dayana. This is one of the most usefull videos I have seen for the development of sintropic agriculture in our context. Here in Chile its a so sensible topic that people get very mad and angry as soon as the listen about planting eucaliptus, and thus get very far from listening to further sintropic arguments.
    Could it be possible to use it for trying to spread this message here in Chile. It would be such a good help.
    Anyway. Great job!!!! we are following very close all whats happening in the international sintropic community. Keep it up!!!!!