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Tree line composition in the Mediterranean (VIDEO)

In this video, Ernst Götsch describes the dynamics of the stratification in a Mediterranean plantation. The focus of this area, located at La Loma Viva in southern Spain, is the production of fruits with minimal dependence on irrigation. The fig tree has a prominent role in this description, producing organic matter and fruits while offers the ideal shade for citrus when they enter the production phase. With a quick example of pruning, we see Ernst managing the fig tree to harmonize the growth of the system.

The species mentioned in the video and their respective strata are: poplar (emergent); fig tree (canopy); citrus (medium); avocado (canopy); peach (medium); pistachio (lower) and grape (canopy).

Dayana Andrade


  • Olá! Muito obrigado por mais este conteúdo. A propósito do que Ernst comenta ali, o estrato em falta (emergente) será adicionado pois não estava disponível no momento da implantação. Essa questão de inclusão de novas espécies/indivíduos depois que o canteiro já se estabeleceu ainda não está bem clara como deve ser feita. É possível / como adicionar árvores novas aos canteiros?

    Cristiano Hickel.

  • I was there for the planting but always better to see it summed up in a video. thanks guys.

  • Greetings from Greece!!! Great video.We need more examples and details here in mediterranean.
    I have some questions.
    In the first example:
    1)what are the spacing between the pistachio trees and what is the spacing between the rows?
    In the second example:
    1)What is the spacing of trees in the second system?
    2)In what season it is better to prune the biomass producing trees?
    3)The emergent tree is the Styphnolobium japonicum?


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