Agenda Gotsch

The neglected treasure of the Amazon

The renowned scientist Antonio Nobre and the farmer and researcher Ernst Götsch met for many enriching conversations about climate change and agricultural models for the Amazon.

One of these meetings took place at the Federal University of Western Pará’s experimental farm, in September 2019. From the material recorded by the event organizer and author Edmara Barbosa, we extracted two excerpts in which the scientist Antonio Nobre invites us to reflect on the risks of losing one of the greatest richness on the planet.

Diversity, Richness and Economy – Antonio Nobre 

Man-made Deserts – Antonio Nobre

Following this, the seminar “Syntropy in the Amazon: Science, Agriculture and Forest” presented the challenges and opportunities for farmers in the Amazon. See transcript of lectures here (by the journalist Patricia Kalil).

Felipe Pasini