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The Avocado Dilemma

Avocado consumption has been growing all over the word.

No wonder: the long list of its beneficial properties really gives avocado the status of superfood! But this story has a perverse side. With the increased demand, our (bizarre) market logic eventually stimulated deforestation to open space for new cultivation fields, which is quite demanding in terms of soil fertility and water use.

In other words: deforestation, increased need for irrigation and spraying of fertilizers and pesticides come side by side with the expansion of the avocado market. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s just like that: there’s no innocent guacamole. And we must not avoid that.

Eating is a political act and, as in politics, you cannot escape. Your choices have impacts.

And the first step to making up your mind is getting to know what your options are. Avocado, for example, does not necessarily need to be cultivated in monoculture dependent on new areas over forest soils.

Planting it in the correct strata, along with other species and respecting the logic of Syntropic Farming, it’s possible to have avocado without poison, without irrigation and without deforestation. Quite the opposite, regenerating ecosystems instead.

Below, you will find short shareable videos about this subject, both in English and Portuguese. Please share 🙂

Felipe Pasini