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As we promised since the beginning of Agenda Gotsch, we are committed to sharing freely verified information about syntropic farming. We are proud of our 13-year trajectory, which is growingly becoming more consistent.

What many of our beloved followers might not know is that we also do this work for free. For the past years, we mainly took unrelated jobs to invest in here (the good side, it also guaranteed our editorial independence).

Thanks to the increasing interest in our work (specially after the launch of the film “life in syntropy” and the tv show “Velho Chico”), the time required to attend the high demand makes it difficult to conciliate our paid jobs with Agenda Gotsch/Life in Syntropy.

If you feel like, please consider subscribing so we can build even stronger bridges between Syntropic Farming and the thousands of people who see this work as an empowering source of information to engage in the regeneration of our ecosystems (and of our own relationship with nature).

You can change or cancel your subscription anytime. All done online, no explanations needed.

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